Wednesday, August 6, 2008

An Original Son of Provo....Gay?

I saw on the news that this snickers ad was pulled, because of some concerns it might be eluding that a man speed walking is well gay.

You may recognize the speed walker who's orientation is in question, that's right, Provo semi-celeb, Kirby Heybourne. Congrats, We knew you'd make it Kirby.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Local Flair: Where's my Truck?

From Melanie.

"My husband and I moved from The Bubble in April upon his graduation, but have kept those Utah momentos in my phone. Thought I would share a few.

Since they didn't Just Happen, I don't know if you want to wait for the appropriate season, but since it is freezing in Utah 8 months out of 12, any time is good I suppose. Explanation is as follows:

The rooster pictures are of a car we stumbled across while making our way through the massive parking lot by the Fieldhouse. I guess the Jaguar was out of stock?

The snowman is, indeed, that all-too-familiar, honor-code-breaking Native American that stands guard of the bike rack at the HBLL.

We actually lived in Spanish Fork where rent was nice and CHEAP. This truck was in the Macey's parking lot by our apartment... welcome to Spanish Fark, Utar, we is glad to have ya."