Saturday, April 26, 2008


This may seem like a diversion from the regular flow of things here at "This Just Happened", but I assure you, it ties right back in.

A couple months ago I left a review on my personal blog for the movie Happy Valley. Maybe you've seen it, maybe you've never heard of it. Either way, you're entitled to your opinion, as am I. It's about illicit drug use in Utah Valley. My opinion was that it was an awful film. Really, really pitiful in a lot of ways. It didn't leave me with any affection for the film-maker, either.

I wrote the review and quickly forgot about it. Then, a couple days ago, a thread of comments began to form that turned into one of the most interesting conversations I've had on this blog. Mind you, not because of the content, but because of the participants.

You just have to read this to believe it. Look at the review of Happy Valley (the last third of my post), then look at the subsequent comments. Unbelievable.

Just to wet your interest, I think Jessica Biel may be reading my blog. Probably not, but the possibility is endlessly funny.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Mythical Proportions

This comes to us from our dear friend Brittany, and it simply blew my mind. BLEW it RIGHT OUT of my SKULL. I'll let Brittany give the intro.

So if this picture is too pornographic to post, i totally understand. But i thought it was very funny and i enjoy trashy things from time to time. as i was on my way home from school today, this gem was right in front of me at the light by the freeway on university parkway. i can't decide which is trashier, the topless mermaid with a black leather fin, or the odd cage/crate looking thing tied to the ladder with a bungee cord and string.

Wow. WOW. LOOK at that thing. Who thought this was a good idea? WHO, I ASK YOU? As I see it there are two main regions to deal with. We'll call them Region A and Region B. Let's go over the list of offenses, shall we?

Region A:

  1. Airbrushing never really screams "classy".

  2. Nudity does away with any questions about class.

  3. If nudity weren't enough, the portrayed mermaid is patently ugly. She has a distinctly "Miss Piggy" meets Tori Spelling look to her.

  4. If the ugly airbrushed mermaid weren't enough, how about those leather fins, huh? Or is it pleather?

  5. The rust really shows how much you love this beast.

  6. And bubbles, just to top it off.

Moving on to Region B. Let's take a look.

  1. There is a cage, folks. A real deal cage.
  2. It wasn't really installed, so to speak, more tied on with twine and plasic rope.
  3. Whatever was in said cage has apparently been eaten or escaped through the hole at the bottom.
  4. But before it left, it was fed out of a TOP brand tobacco can.
  5. Whatever came out of the TOP can was left on the bottom of the cage, in heaps of crap.

It might take a little while to soak this all in. It's just so jarring and sudden, like that scene in Meet Joe Black. So take your time.

The Prize for BEST SUBMITION SO FAR goes to Brittany. I challenge you all to try to take it from her. Good luck.

Friday, April 11, 2008

That's No Way To Behave

On a smaller screen I assure you that she looks engulfed, swallowed, submerged and so forth. You may have been able to guess, but I hated this. LOOK AT THEM! COME ON! IT LOOKS LIKE HE IS HOLDING HER THERE! 

No, no Ken Garff. We don't drive on other peoples cars. Not even if we are in a bigger guzzler and feeling inadequate. It just isn't done, honey. 

Hey, excuse me... yeah do you think I could borrow your CROSS STITCH? I'm finding lecture a little boring myself and you know I could just really go for a quick CROSS STITCH. You are sucky, and your comments are insincere and irritating.

I actually approve of this one more than the other three. I had to think about it and was a little sheepish once I got it, but the woman driving the van looked so pleased. Maybe it had nothing to do with the breast cancer sticker. Maybe it did. But I'll be darned if I didn't feel like a school boy for a second there.

Cheers, team.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Ribbons have been used for years to try and raise awareness of causes, Yellow for the troops, Pink for breast cancer, Red for a variety of causes, but in recent years they've gotten a bit ridiculous. The most ridiculous of the ones Ive seen so far is.
Now theres a cause I can get behind. You see, puppies don't normally get the affection they need for proper development, so please, I beg of you, find a puppy and hug it.

Ridin' Dirty...or is it...Nerdy?

This one is from Jessica, who must have one of the fastest camera-phone-quick-draws this side of the Wasatch front.

I have recently stumbled upon your blog "This Just Happened" has continued to be a source of entertainment for me at work :) I am not living in Provo (so I'm not sure if this counts) but just the other day I saw something in Layton that would be worthy of a post on any blog. I thought I would send it your way:
While driving home from work the other day I saw an old station wagon with a for sale sign in the window.....I don't know about you, but not many people would WILLINGLY buy a station wagon unless they had some specific use for it, or unless it was insanely cheap. Because, lets be honest, they aren't all that attractive. After it drove by me, I noticed the unnecessarily HUGE rims.......all right. Count me in, I'm a potential buyer ;)

Extra congrats to me for snapping the picture while in motion-- my little phone has surpassed my expectations

What is this?

This is in the Benson building, however, the scene is repeated over and over again all over campus; people sleeping or eating by themselves in every unoccupied nook of campus. Sometimes buildings look more like refugee camps than places of higher education. I guess people are just trying to survive their education here at BYU.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's Bananas

What's so odd about this experience isn't so much that there was man dressed as a banana, handing out bananas on my way to school, but that I trusted him more because of the stupid costume. He gained credibility for that yellow jumpsuit. "Oh, he should know about bananas, he is one." Ridiculous.