Friday, November 27, 2009


From out dear friend Wes.

I love reading about the ridiculousness going on around us and thought I could contribute a little something to your fun. I saw this in the HBLL, but It was moved before too long.

They better move it, they're going to really confuse some freshman that way.

Monday, November 9, 2009

They took the battle, yes, but The War is Not Yet Over

I'm not sure who to be Mad at here.

I went to Battle of the Bands on Friday. It was great fun, but I had have my complaints.

FIRST: Somebody from BYUSA told me there was no filming allowed.

Really? REALLY? I was filming at the request of my friends who were playing in the show, without whom BYUSA wouldn't have any hope of hosting a Battle of the Bands.

IS THERE ANY REASON? ANY REASON at ALL why I can't film? Or do they just enjoy doling out absolutely ARBITRARY rules and regulations? I filmed anyway.

SECOND, they put chairs out everywhere in the ballroom. Chairs.

So you know what? We couldn't get up and dance. We couldn't dance at Battle of the Bands.

You know why? BECAUSE THERE WERE CHAIRS. It's against fire code to have dancing like that when there are isles. Isles created by the freaking chairs!

Fast forward to this morning. I want you to look at this clip from the DU. According to this article, one of the reasons the band that won won was because "the Empirates worked the crowd and got people to their feet".

Then at the end of the article, talking about Can't Stop Won't Stop, "A mob of fans formed in front of the stage, including several students dressed as robots. The students reluctantly took their seats at the request of BYU event staff."

I want to curse. What is this, Footloose? "Stand up, but don't dance!" is what I'm getting here, and I don't like it One Bit.